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Dear Parent of Prospective Wando Athlete,

We are continuing the process of going paperless in the Athletic Department. The company we have been working with is Planet HS Creation Guide. If you have created an account for your child in the past, that log-in information will still be accepted. Do not create a new account if you forgot your prior log-in. If you are new, you will need to create a new account for each new potential athlete. The instructions for creating the Planet HS/Arbiter Athlete account are included at the bottom of page.

For the purpose of tryouts, workouts and “open season”, the only forms that must be completed are: 1.medical history, 2. permission, 3. physical exam and 4. concussion form. The other forms are not required for open season and tryouts, but will need to be completed right away if your child is rostered on a team. Please complete the history, permission and concussion form online, do not upload these forms. I prefer the medical history to be up to date and detailed if needed. To complete the concussion form, the link on that form must be opened and read, before you are allowed to check off the responses. A new physical is required every year. It must be dated after April 1, 2020 for the upcoming school year. The SCHSL physical form, is the only form we can accept. You can find the link on the, webpage. Only a Medical Doctor MD, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine DO, Physicians Assistant PA or Nurse Practitioner NP are accepted clearance of the exam. Be sure that the overseeing medical agent has dated the exam, next to his/her signature. The omitting of the date will cause the physical exam to be declined. This form will have to be uploaded to your Planet HS account.

Returning parents and athletes will need to complete every form. If you uploaded your birth certificate in the past and it was accepted, then when prompted, click on “accept paper/prior copy”. New potential athletes will need to upload a picture of their birth certificate to be approved.

Remember, we will not accept any paper copies, all forms must be completed online. Please do not wait until the last minute to complete the process; we need 48 hours to approve forms. At times, we are working to approve hundreds of forms all at once. Be sure both parent/student athlete have electronically approved the uploaded forms. The forms will not be inspected and/or approved until both have done so. If you need assistance contact, or call 1-888-668-7452.

Thank you for your help with this process and good luck,

Mark Buchman ATC, SCAT, CAA
Head Athletic Trainer/ Assistant Athletic Director
Wando High School



Planet HS/Arbiter Athlete Account Creation Guide-Wando

2020/21- Physical Form:  2020-Physical-Form

Dear Parents of Prospective Wando Athlete-arbiter – Copy

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